Delivering Quality Pool Cleaning Services

Achieving a pool that is sparkling clean is not as difficult as you might think. Because swimming pools are different from each other, the maintenance also needs to be customized. However, there is a common secret in the maintenance of just about any pool. The well-known secret is, of course, regular routine care.

On the other hand, if you are a busy person, you won’t be able to clean your own pool. Or if you own a resort or hotel, a regular routine care is needed in order to maintain its sparkling clean state. Maintaining a sparkling clean pool is a tedious job, that is why there are services that promise to deliver a good work. Here at Prestige Swimming Pool Service, LLC, we keep our commitment to provide quality pool cleaning services for your personal and business needs.

The company offers the following services:

  • Our service is done on weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Includes pool cleaning and pool opening. Also on winter closing service.
  • We provide equipment installations.
  • We make repairs if there are any damages or malfunctioning equipment.

Regarding Prestige Swimming Pool Service, LLC promos and discounts, they are as follows:

  • If you avail of our weekly service (chemicals not included), the first 2 cleaning services are free.
  • For every new equipment installation, there will be 30 % OFF on labor.
  • On pool opening or winter closing service, there will be $60.00 OFF on labor.

Our company only hires the best professional pool cleaners with impeccable employment records to deliver our services on time and, of course, with quality. We believe that the pool should always be safe and clean to use for your family and friends if it is for personal use, and to the customers of your business.

You can always count on our pool cleaning expertise. We’re happy to be of service!


Weekly and Bi-Weekly cleaning services.
Pool Cleaning
Pool Opening
Winter Closing
Equipment Installations

Promos and Discounts:
1.- First 2 cleaning service free if you get our weekly service (chemicals not included)
2.- 30 % OFF on labor on any new equipment installation.
3.- $60.00 OFF on labor for pool opening or winter closing service